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Managed Security Service Providers

Cyberoam enables MSSPs with centralized control and remote security management to manage multiple customer networks and distributed locations with specific security requirements.

Government & Defense

Cyberoam offers comprehensive security to government and defense establishments to protect their critical information assets located over distributed networks. Cyberoam protects networks that store critical data related to a nation’s policy-making, defense, finance and utilities by fighting off internet threats preventing malware, phishing, pharming, DoS attacks, Trojans, virus, botnets and spam that target data and endangers the functioning of their network.


Cyberoam fulfils the security needs of educational institutions by protecting students from malware and inappropriate content while keeping security investments low. The solution range enhances productivity and minimizes bandwidth consumption by controlling unproductive surfing, music-video downloads, gaming, chat and social networking.


Cyberoam protects healthcare networks comprehensively. Centralized management of networks and data security across distributed networks in healthcare organisations ensure safe transmission of critical medical records anywhere in the world.

Banking & Finance

Cyberoam Security Solutions provide comprehensive protection to Banking and Financial Institutions, against intrusions, malware, Trojans, phishing, pharming, spyware and botnets. Cyberoam prevents data leakage while providing secure remote access, uninterrupted connectivity and high performance.


Cyberoam’s comprehensive range of security solutions protects retail businesses against leakage of customer credit card and other personal information while ensuring continuous network connectivity.

ISPs and Email Service Providers

Cyberoam identity based security offers centralized visibility and controls to service providers their own and client networks. Service providers include ISPs, email & web hosting providers, SaaS providers and free email service providers.Cyberoam security with its best of breed features secures them against outbound spam, malware, phishing, pharming, DoS attacks, botnets, and more. It ensures uninterrupted network and helps control indiscriminate surfing by users, bandwidth wastage and unrestricted use of non-productive applications.