OSC Launches the first DSL acceleration service in Syria

The Sawa Internet Service Provider, in cooperation with Optimal Solutions Company (OSC), has launched a new service: the EVO, an ADSL acceleration service using specialized software, and the first of its kind in Syria for ADSL subscribers. Evo can be used to speed up downloading Web pages, images and Flash clips in record time. Evo can speed ADSL service for at least four times the regular speed.

For more information: http://www.sawaisp.sy/internet/evo.php


Optimal Solutions Company (OSC)

Optimal Solutions Company (OSC) was founded in 2004 in Damascus, and implemented several important projects in both private and public sectors in the Syrian Arab Republic. The company is specialized in providing integrated technical solutions in the fields of IT and technical studies in networking, as well as the supply of all materials and networking technologies, preparation and installation, in addition to providing custom software solutions and customized solutions for companies and private institutions and governmental organizations, alike.

OSC, in as an exclusive agent with SlipStream, a subsidiary of Research In Motion (RIM),  that delivers the fastest, most reliable acceleration, compression and network optimization technology for dial, fixed and wireless broadband networks, has recently launched the first DSL acceleration service in cooperation with Sawa ISP.