OSC Participation in Sham 2011


The participation of our company, Optimal Solutions Company, in Sham 2011 was fruitful this year, where we showcased the new Ultra series of programs that includes accounting, Payroll, human resources, and archiving systems as well as sales and customer relations. In addition to Kaspersky corporate security products, which Optimal Solutions Company is an authorized distributor in the Syrian Arab Republic.

This exhibition was a great opportunity to offer the best cost-effective solutions we have to the customers, without any compromise on quality.

Our company specializes in projects and tenders IT, as well as all kinds of network and computer maintenance services. As a company, we provide Internet service providers and companies with full technical analysis and solutions.

For the confidence of customers with "Optimal Solutions Company" We achieved a high degree of trust with our customers thanks to the good service that we offer, especially after-sales service, in addition to product quality, which reflected positively on our company to develop professional and technical services.


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Optimal Solutions Company (OSC)

Optimal Solutions Company (OSC) was founded in 2004 in Damascus, and implemented several important projects in both private and public sectors in the Syrian Arab Republic. The company is specialized in providing integrated technical solutions in the fields of IT and technical studies in networking, as well as the supply of all materials and networking technologies, preparation and installation, in addition to providing custom software solutions and customized solutions for companies and private institutions and governmental organizations, alike.

OSC, was named recently as an agent for Kaspersky Labs, our Premier business reseller certificate, to become authorized agent in Syria. The company has a qualified dedicated technical support team that holds certificates from the Kaspersky Labs.