I See Mail


Fully Clientless Mobile Email Solution for the Mass Market

The iseemail™ platform is designed to leverage operators’ existing infrastructure and provides a very cost-effective yet fully featured mobile email solution even on low-end mobile devices with the basic SMS interface. It makes every mobile device a smartphone which offers operators ample opportunities for generating additional revenues from their customers – even from customers not subscribing to data plans.

The iseemail solution is architected to utilize any available interface for providing full access to emails. This unique multi-modal approach offers subscribers to access emails using multiple interfaces such as SMS, MMS, WAP/XHTML and OMA-EMN. The iseemail platform supports virtually all email systems through standard POP3, IMAP4, EAS and WebDAV protocols. It therefore provides accesses to enterprise and consumer emails from Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, Hotmail and others. Being client-less with all the features, the iseemail solution makes almost any device behave like a smart phone.

In addition, the iseemail solution utilizes iseemedia’s core content adaptation and transcoding technology to provide fast and data-efficient (up to 90% data savings) access to all popular email attachments - documents, images, audio and video. The system is highly scalable and flexible for deployment by operators and/or 3rd party service providers.

The iseemail™ platform enables operators the opportunity to promote mobile email as a mass market solution as it provides full email functionality on nearly 100% of available devices. The solution addresses all customer concerns and makes mobile email suitable for wide market adoption. Customers no longer need to worry about device capability, email client installation on the device, costs associated with the service or the data charges. This allows operators to increase the customer base as well as the adoption of mobile email usage - both offer significant opportunities for increasing revenues.

Key Features

The iseemail™ solution is truly a multi-modal platform built based on OMA Service Environment specification for Telecommunications platforms. It adheres to operator requirements and provides an evolution path toward IMS architecture thereby offering a few key differentiations over other email solutions, such as:

  • Fully functional email system providing consistent user experience over any available user interface
  • Unmatched user experience for accessing email attachments - fast, bandwidth optimized (90% data savings), interactive access to all popular content formats with on-demand pan-&-zoom capability
  • Wide coverage of devices (nearly 100%) by utilizing multiple delivery channels using standard protocols such as SMS, MMS, WAP Push, etc.
  • Fully internationalized solution – supports English, Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Kanji, etc.

iseemail™ Benefits to Mobile Operators

  • Increased SMS/data usage for receiving, reading and replying of emails and viewing of rich attachments such as documents, images, audio and video
  • Increased customer base – iseemail offers a fully featured, completely client-less solution that satisfies the requirements/needs of majority of customers for a much wider market coverage
  • Built-in advertising model supporting contextual & behavioural rules with patented technology enabling operators to offer mobile advertisement services to obtain additional revenue
  • Minimal infrastructure/support costs: a standalone hosted service with no upfront CapEx or OpEx or a complementary upgrade to existing email to SMS/MMS infrastructure (Email to SMS/MMS 2.0) with no increase in customer support costs for existing SMS, MMS or WAP services
  • Modular and flexible architecture based on the OMA Service Environment specification for Telecommunications Platforms that adheres to operator requirements and provides an evolution path toward IMS architecture as well as the flexibility to easily extend the service to quickly add new features.