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SlipStream Technology

Deployed by more than 2200 service providers in over 50 countries, SlipStream technology is the de facto standard in acceleration, adaptive data compression and network optimization technology. SlipStream enables service providers and other Technology Partners to deliver the fastest and most satisfying online experience for their subscribers, while signficantly reducing bandwidth requirements and infrastructure investment.

SlipStream technology features industry-leading lossy and lossless compression algorithms and is built on advancements in information theory and network architecture research conducted by the world-renowned computer science and computer engineering faculties at the University of Waterloo. The SlipStream solution compresses, optimizes and streamlines Internet content, from Web (including text as HTML, XML, JavaScript and graphics) to file retrieval (FTP) and email (SMTP, POP3, IMAP and MAPI).

SlipStream uses NOW!Technology to deliver the next generation of acceleration and service to dial, broadband and mobile users. NOW!Technology integrates with SlipStream SP to create an unprecedented level of performance, eliminating the frustration of waiting for slow connections and delivering a superior Internet experience NOW! This breakthrough technology is based on SlipStream's core acceleration, adaptive data compression and optimization technology and introduces NOW!Imaging which enables subscribers to view higher resolution images and increasingly image-rich pages faster.

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