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OSC Participation in Sham 2011 The participation of our company, Optimal Solutions Company, in Sham 2011 was fruitful this year, where we showcased the new Ultra series of programs that includes accounting, Payroll, human resources, and archiving systems as well as sales and customer relations. In addition to Kaspersky corporate security products, which Optimal Solutions Company is an authorized distributor in the Syrian Arab Republic.

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SIGNAMAX Signamax Connectivity Systems is unique company focused on providing complete, high-performance networks and complex distribution solutions for customers worldwide. We provide complete, unified product for copper and fiber based network connections designed for increased performance, reliability and easy installation. Signamax components are also popular for their valued performance/price ratio.

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KASPERSKY We believe that everyone should be free to get the most from technology – without intrusion or other security worries.

Our crack team of specialists gives you the freedom to live your digital life without worrying about your personal information and assets.

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Signamax Passive

Our premise cabling product line includes patch cords, panels and network components for Cat5 Enhanced, Cat6, Cat7 cables and fiber optic

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Fiber Optic

Major part of our fibre optics portfolio is made in United Kingdom. Each and every item is being tested already in our manufacturer place and the results are included in the product packaging

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Kaspersky Business Space

Protection for workstations, laptops, smartphones and file servers

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Optimal Solution Company ( OSC ) was established in Damascus Syria on 2004 and the company has done several projects in the private and government sectors.
Main company work IN integrated technology studies for networking solutions and supporting and developing all network setting and installation.    


This department has been created to all organization and companies for their needs and requested including the networking project studies, which it will be suitable for their tenders and requested, by the highest global information technology appliance.

This Department has been creating the best implementations financially and technically, which has been done by high qualified team and presenting these networking solutions (LAN, WAN, W-LAN).  And retching requested projects achievements and performance , so the project will be handed over to the companies based on the technical specifications and features  maps and attached  of full  documents details  ,
(Catalogues, Drivers, Network Map, and testing report).

IT Department has been created from two kind of engineer’s team technical and execution, this department has put the best afar and attentions in following costumer’s problems and creating solutions and developing ideas for networking solutions.   
Technical Department academic qualification: MCSE –MCSA-CCNP-CCNA –N+.

According to fast technical growing, and considering all the companies in deference kind of networking technical matter of problems and functions and facing this matters which is link to network and PC’s,  So the Company has created a an external maintains and service department based on:

  • Receiving all kind of maintains and services order from A-Z and give the companies the best technical supports and making sure their networking in excellent performance under supervising specialist teams.(Viruses, Network Slowing Down, Communications problems …… .
  • Creating a schedule for developing program and system implementation and clients following for making sure the network in high performances like PC’S PRINTER FAXS SERVERS And other appliances.

This department has been created for supporting the companies in voluble and important program it help the companies avoiding  problems ,and to incensed organizing management ,HR, Accounting, Departments..And the staff as well, under supervising specialist team in deferent kind of programming languages whatever .needs.

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